I grew up with an interest in medicine and especially nutrition.  I was always fascinated by vitamins and remember, as a high schooler, listening to the "health food" shows on talk radio.  After graduating with my Bachelor's in Psychology and my Master's in Nutrition Science, I worked in hospitals for 10 years.  I worked with all types of patients: heart, diabetes, kidney, psychiatric, pediatric, surgery, cancer and pregnant patients.  I taught nutrition classes and worked one-on-one with patients and their families.  I loved my career but wished I could do more to help people before they required hospitalization.

 When my children were born, I left the workplace to stay home with them.  When I had free time, I mentored women in their relational and emotional journeys.  As I did this, I realized how connected all areas of our lives are- physical, relational, emotional and spiritual.  True "wellness" involves all of these aspects.


"As my health coach you have been an awesome listener and coach who continues to help me discover my unhealthy physical and emotional habits."

​                                                     - Holli, Age 39