"You helped me find doctors, helped me figure out what vitamin supplements to take, went to my appointment with me, made me feel like I am taken care of, encouraged me to keep on top of things, talked to me when I was upset about things and helped me find solutions."

                                           – Amanda, Age 22

I view health change as a mountain we choose to climb. We need to be ready to mountainclimb; we don't just grab a rope and go.  It will be challenging, draining, and even overwhelming at times and we need to be prepared.  It is also wise to hire a guide who has climbed mountains before- someone who can come alongside and help you reach your goal.  The guide does not climb the mountain for you; she climbs it with you.  She has climbed "health mountains" before and "knows the ropes".  She is prepared to encourage, support, direct and guide you as you climb your mountain.  Reaching the goal is your victory, she comes along for the ride!